Blue Air Training LLC is comprised of current and qualified Traditional Reserve and Guard A-10C Instructor Pilots and Forward Air Controllers (FAC-A).  While on orders, they are the same voices on the radio in Afghanistan, on the Barry M. Goldwater Range, on Razorback Range, at Angel Thunder, or wherever else you have passed a 9-Line.  In their civilian careers at Blue Air Training, they bring unmatched relevancy and currency to training the same controllers they will likely operate with in combat.  You have probably already worked with us!

All Blue Air Training pilots are Close Air Support (CAS) experts, with over 14 years of service, over 2000 hours, at least two tours flying in Afghanistan or Iraq, and have employed live weapons supporting a combined total of over 30 troops-in-contact.  Unlike other contract CAS providers, we track our last combat mission in days, not years.

Now that you know who we are, here is a little background…

Blue Air Training was conceived in the north dining facility at Bagram AB, Afghanistan, by a group of A-10 pilots who were having a post-mission meal with members of a medical team.  The medical personnel asked why A-10s sometimes return to base with a full load of ordnance, despite having worked in a troops-in-contact.  The A-10 pilots responded that experienced JTACs are not always available to help the pilot obtain visual contact with the target and friendlies.  The reason is that many JTACs are pooled at Forward Operating Bases – a direct result of their training backlog and lack of CAS support during their training.  Too often, DoD fighter and bomber aircraft have their own training objectives, which limit the time they can dedicate toward supporting JTAC training.

This discussion continued post deployment, and this group of combat veterans evolved into the most tactically current and effective means to schedule “blue” air – Blue Air Training LLC.