Our selection of tactical aircraft is yet another asset to you.  Not only are our aircraft rich in tactical history, but they are among the most cost-effective CAS platforms available in the world.


The BAC-167 Strikemaster is a two-seat, single engine, British attack jet that was first flown in 1967.  The Royal Air Force of Oman deployed the Strikemaster during the Dhofar Rebellion, which included a notable appearance at the Battle of Mirbat in 1972.  The Stikemaster is an impressive airplane with four hard-points, a service ceiling of 40,000 feet, a maximum airspeed over 450 knots, and a two-hour loiter time.

Coming Soon to the Strikemaster:  Live BDU-33s and 7.62mm strafe!




The IAR-823 Brasov is a four-seat, single engine, Romanian trainer, with a 5-hour loiter time.  The beauty of the Brasov lies in its reliability and cost effectiveness.  With two hard-points, the Brasov can drop live BDU-33s and simulate gun with a noise generator and smoke.  Up to 3 JTACs can ride along in this aircraft, making it one of the most cost-effective training solutions available anywhere.