CAS Fighter Support

Live and Dry Weapons.  Blue Air Training conducts live and dry CAS.  We employ live BDU-33s on the IAR-823 Brasov, and live 2.75” rockets on all aircraft.  If a live range is not available, we can simulate weapons with smoke generators and a noise-generating .50 caliber gun pod.

Blue Air Training is the only CAS provider who is properly licensed  and regularly employs Live BDU-33 practice bombs and Live 7.62 strafe.   Many companies say they are “capable” of Live CAS but very few have ever actually dropped a bomb and none have ever strafed.

Multiple Asset Simulation.  Blue Air Training simulates multiple air and ground assets on the radio.  By using different voice personalities at different times, our expert CAS instructor pilots can simulate other fighters, bombers, and ISR aircraft, giving JTAC trainees a high-pressure, realistic battle scenario.

Multiple Missions, Day and Night.  Blue Air Training conducts multiple air-ground related missions whether they are Close Air Support, Forward Air Controlling, Reconnaissance, or Artillery Calls for Fire, and ISR.

Planning Assistance.  Blue Air Training will be with you every step of the way.  We will assist you in daily mission planning, part-task training, or major exercises from planning through debrief.

Fam Flights.  Finally, Blue Air Training will give you the pilot’s perspective – literally.  Every JTAC, JFO, commander, and DV will be be invited for a familiarization flight in one of our aircraft.  Sometimes an airborne picture is worth a thousand words on the radio.  Blue Air Training will give you that picture.

Platform Instruction in any CAS, CSAR, FAC/JTAC subject matter.  Blue Air Training pilots have flown, and employed alongside, multiple aircraft.  Our pilots have delivered nearly every weapon under nearly every condition.  Blue Air Training will give you the instruction you need.

JTAC Academic Course.  Blue Air Training has created a new two-day academic course, consisting of instruction in all phases of CAS.  For just $1500 per JTAC, with a minimum of 5 JTACs per class, the course features detailed instruction in all phases of CAS, culminating in a live-fly demonstration.  During this flight, JTACs may ride along with our CAS experts on an actual practice mission, giving the JTAC something that the DoD cannot – CAS from the pilot’s perspective.  A sample listing of the subject matter and schedule is below.

Saturday 0800-1800

1. Mission Planning and Briefing Techniques:  how to integrate your training needs with the fighters’ objectives and guarantee results

2. Airstack Management, High and Low Altitude:  how to safely deconflict multiple dissimilar aircraft, UAV, and artillery

3. The CAS Cadence: emphasis on correct procedures and how your pilots expect to hear and process your target

4. The Art of the Talk-On: insight on how a pilot views and understands the battlefield and how to quickly get their eyes onto the target you need struck

5. Targets, Weaponeering, and Restrictions: an advanced discussion on Weapon vs. Target pairing and when and what restrictions are appropriate

6. Troops in Contact: expeditious CAS Employment during a close in fight

7. FAC(A) Integration: how to use a FAC(A) as an extension of your TACP while maintaining control of the A/O.

8. Multi-Flight Attacks: reduce your deconfliction workload and maximize your firepower by combining airborne formations; what the pilots need to hear.

9. Immediate CSAR: immediate actions that must be taken in you’re A/O should an aircraft be downed

Sunday, 0800-1200

LIVE-FLY Exercise: all JTACs participate in an OPFOR opposed live fly field exercise.  OPFOR employ “sim-fire” machine guns against a JTAC convoy.

10. Debriefing Techniques: How to effectively break down barriers such as rank and geo location to efficiently identify Debrief Focus Points

JTACs who have already completed a previous CAS course with Blue Air will precoordinate with us to receive a customized syllabus covering different topics and/or participate in advanced levels of a topic already covered.  The course will be tailored and new every time.